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The Science Center is a dynamic hub for innovation, entrepreneurship and technology development in Philadelphia. Its  programs, events, and services support ventures from idea to IPO - and beyond.

The Client Need

The Science Center is one of Philadelphia’s most complex organizations. With an ever expanding list of programs and services, they were in need of a well-designed platform that clearly illustrates everything they do now, and their plans for the future.

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Goals for the project

  • Bring clarity to the mission and values of the Science Center.

  • Recognize the rich history of the organization while positioning it for the future.

  • Create a platform for the community to engage quickly and easily through the website.

  • Communicate upcoming changes, projects and initiatives.
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Our Work

Our process for the redesign was built on a true partnership with the Science Center marketing team.


We interviewed a variety of stakeholders including internal staff, leadership, board members, and program participants. These conversations gave us invaluable insights into the complexities of the services and programs under the Science Center umbrella. We discussed project goals, needs and audiences for the website as well as the Science Center brand as it stood, and where it hoped to go in the future.


Convening in the form of a collaborative workshop allowed both our internal team, and the marketing team at the Science Center to listen to range of stakeholders including The Board of Trustees and a multitude of different departments. We were able to explore the needs and goals of the website's user experience, as well as visual design preferences. 

Website Redesign

Our main goal was to bring clarity to the mission and values of the Science Center. With a cohesive design system, we were able to organize the many services and programs within the organization while also highlighting the people, purpose, and community aspects of the Science Center. The many levels of collaboration through the design phase, including communication between P'unk Ave and the internal marketing team, and presentations to the leadership team, made for a smooth redesign process.

Coworking and Content Entry

We had several coworking sessions with the Science Center team both at their offices and at P'unk Ave throughout the content entry phase of the project. We were present to answer questions, make any necessary adjustments, and continue to educate the Science Center team on their new content management system. This made for a smooth transition and a stress-free launch.

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The Outcome

We helped tell their story.

By both clearly organizing their services and programs, and highlighting their people, purpose, and place, we were able to bring clarity to and show the depth of the organization.

We made a measurable difference.

Since the redesign, website traffic is up by 30%. By creating a cohesive and clear design on an easily maintainable platform, the Science Center team can quickly feature new and exciting content.

We looked to the future.

Our complex but flexible design system was built to allow the services and programs of the Science Center to expand and change. This was crucial to an organization constantly on the brink of innovation and growth.

"We talk a lot about collaboration at the Science Center. Working with P’unk Ave on our new website, gave us another key opportunity to put that talk into practice. P’unk Ave’s collaborative discovery process meant we worked together to determine the look and feel of the new website and how we’re presented to the outside world – and for us that made all the difference. The end result was twofold: We have a beautiful new website that clearly defines what the Science Center is and does, and we have a platform that allows us the flexibility to adapt the site over time as our organization heads into a new era."
— Jeanne Mell, VP Marketing Communications - University City Science Center
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Through a true partnership with the Science Center, and a collaborative process from start to finish, we were able to create a design that showcases both their complex system of current offerings and the bright future of innovation ahead.

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