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NaturePHL is a collaboration between pediatricians from CHOP, outdoor educators from the Schyulkill Center for Environmental Education, and staff from the City of Philadelphia and the US Forest Service.


The challenge 

How do doctors effectively prescribe outdoor play for kids?

Lots of existing research proves that children are healthier when they play outside. The NaturePHL team wanted an online tool where parents and caregivers could easily find ways to get outside in Philadelphia.

“What I really appreciate about you guys is that on the one hand I feel like you really get the project, what it is about at its core, which is essential. But you also have helped me to see it through a different lens, which is also essential and hard to do – so thank you!”
— Gail Farmer, Former Director of Education, Schuylkill Center For Environmental Education
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Our work


We conducted interviews with clinicians from CHOP, researchers from the Forest Service, staff from the City of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, and the Schyulkill Center to determine the goals and needs of the project. We then led a workshop to share learnings and align a vision, and created a visual interface with searchable park amenities. 


Through our research we uncovered that the the original name—NatureRx—did not resonate with potential users as the term "Rx" was unclear. We wanted to be clear in what the service provides to its users—access to nature in Philadelphia—and so we helped guide the renaming to NaturePHL.

To go along with the name change we created a mark that communicated the cross section between health and wellness and nature.

Design & Development

In our creation of this tool, we set out to answer the initial question: How do doctors effectively prescribe outdoor play for kids?

It was important for us to create something that was easy to use, lowered the barrier of entry, and was accessible to all audiences—doctors, patients, and caregivers.

The final web tool is a rich compilation of Philadelphia parks with a family-friendly interface that allows doctors and caregivers to easily search parks based on their location and interests.

NaturePHL word cards
Stakeholders sort word cards to describe the intended look and feel of the website
naturephl workshop
Scenes from the stakeholder workshop we conducted as a part of our research.
naturephl logo
The final mark—a cross section between health and wellness and the outdoors.
naturephl logo experimentation
Sometimes the experimentation can be messy. It took many iterations to get to the final version of the logo.
naturephl imac
naturephl ipad
naturephl mobile screens
naturephl screens

The result

Through a collaborative process with diverse stakeholders across Philadephia, we created an online tool that elevates the ability for kids to play outside and be healthy.


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