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After participating in a workshop for a previous project – where we focused on generating ideas stemming from research findings our team uncovered during last year’s happenings along the waterfront – the team at the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation asked our team to facilitate another workshop for their larger team during a regularly scheduled Monday staff meeting.

The goal of this workshop was to generate as many ideas as possible – without being constrained by logistics or budget – for attracting more people to the Delaware River waterfront and activating the various locations along waterfront through the design of spaces and programming this upcoming summer.

DRWC workshop
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DRWC card 2

The workshop was centered around the emotions and actions the team hopes visitors will take during and after their visits to the waterfront – both in the short-term and long-term – which formed the basis for all ideas generated in the workshop and continues to serve as a guide for all decisions to be made in their planning going forward. 

DRWC emotions
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Our team also guided them through brainstorming ideas for making DRWC a more recognizable brand, as well as ways to engage waterfront visitors differently from previous years.  The workshop not only allowed their whole team’s ideas to be shared, but also helped them in identifying actionable ideas and next steps in their planning going forward. 

DRWC actions
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