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Daytona State College

Find your path, no matter who you are. 

Daytona State College (DSC) for over the past 60 years have provided some of the most accessible and affordable academic programs in the South and the state of Florida. Due to the institute's merger with one of Florida's twelve Black community colleges in 1965 and its long history as a college credit, adult education and vocational school, Daytona State College has an authentic story to tell about their approach to "Finding Your Path".

P'unk Avenue partnered with DSC to elevate their message and use our research-based approach to create a redesigned website that accurated reflected their values. 

every path
An image showing the phrase "Every Path Goes Through Daytona"

A Remote Approach

Due to the affects of COVID around the world, we had to readjust our approach to Discovery in order to absorb life at Daytona State College.

Typically in a project that can take over a year, we schedule multiple on-site visits to meet the humans behind the institution. It's an opportunity to meet faculty, staff, students and community members that make up the heart of the college. We did all of that and more using almost every tool at our disposal. 

Stakeholder interviews, analytics, KJ sessions, heat-mapping and user tests all contributed to a comprehensive research findings report that helped our teams map a plan for a revitalized user experience. Ultimately, what we discovered as that the customer-service based infrastructure Daytona State created to support their students was the crown jewel we needed to leverage on the website. The positivity and joy the students feel when speaking to a member of the DSC community had to be felt on the website through imagery, content and resource accesibility. 


Do You Even Better
Our goal was to use the signature animations along with close-up intimate photography to show off the more personal experience students have at Daytona State.
photo guidelines
P'unk Ave provided a detailed "digital brand" book that trains users on how to properly think about content on the website.

Scalable Design

Building a design system for a college or university is hard work but that is not where the difficulty falls. The difficultly that comes with a design system for any large organization is because of the vast amount of people that are tasked to support it. Think about the staff, students and faculty from over 15 different departments with their own approach to content based on their needs. 

What P'unk Ave provided Daytona State was a design complete with documentation and training that would begin to create capacity within the school - not dependency. By making sure the content owners were well-trained, Daytona State will be able to keep their website on brand for years to come. 

punk modern logos 001


A True Partnership

If you are reading this, you have either launched a higher education website or you are about to. We know how that feels. The good news is that it doesn't have to be the worst part of your week!

The Modern Campus and P'unk Ave teams work side-by-side to create a "one team" approach our clients enjoy. P'unk Ave builds in the time to make sure we stick around during both the front-end and backend development phases to make sure communication channels stay open. In the case with Daytona State, we worked with Modern Campus to make on-the-fly updates to design and code to accomodate for changes due to user needs and accessibility updates. 

The result was a seamless experience that allowed our teams to launch the new Daytona State University website in 11-months. On time and on budget. 


How's It Working?

As we know with all types of marketing, just because it looks amazing does not mean it will work. Fortunately for Daytona State, all of the hard work in the research phases paid off as we have reduced the bounce rate by 50% and increased average page time by a whopping 1:00! This website was built to reduce clutter and get people where they need to go quickly. The data shows we've accomplished that and more. As the website continues to get better with time, we hope to be able to post updated data around the all-important enrollment figures. Stay tuned!

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