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July 11th, 2014

What P'unks care about

Tom Boutell
Chief Software Architect

What do P'unks care about? 

Joel Smith cares about the worldwide JavaScript developer community. Kyle Stetz cares about building enthusiasm for open source. And Olivia Haas has learned how to climb the open source mountain while making friends on the way.

Stuart Romanek cares about Seinfeld, slap bass and the subtle art of making things funny.

Priya Tirtha cares about coming into her own in Philly. And Jan Mlcoch knows that Philly is the right place to be.

Ilyssa Kyu believes in intentional friendship, while Rachel Messeck endorses celebration, dogs and bacon.

Matt Goold cares about teamwork and fathers, while one desk over, Matt Coppola ponders teamwork and nerds.

Sloan Miller cares enough to get out of the way. And Alex Gilbert cares about showing everyone the big picture.

Daniel Cole knows that web design is a bratty teenager, but bratty teenagers often invent new things.

And Ben Rosenbach believes in coffee good enough to power all of the above

What do P'unks care about? Four months ago, you couldn't tell by reading our blog.

There were far too many technical posts in a row, all by the same guy. Geez, guy! Oh wait, that was me.

So one morning I cranked up Google Calendar and assigned everybody a week to post here. And we found out what P'unks care about:

Our city. Our community. Sharing our skills. Taking pleasure in our work. Each other.

And yes, bacon and coffee.

Tom Boutell
Chief Software Architect

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