July 21st, 2011

We're eating our own blog food!

P'unk Avenue's blog is now running on Apostrophe. While punkave.com has been an Apostrophe site for a long time, our blog remained a Wordpress site for longer than it should have. That mainly had to do with the need for a robust Wordpress importer (we have one!) and a solution for importing comments (we have that too, thanks to Disqus).

Still, we waited longer than we should have. "Minor" issues with the blog felt not so minor once we put it to work on our own site. Other users may look at these issues and say "gee, that's inconvenient, but I guess I can live with it. No need for a bug report." 

Which is why there is no substitute for using your own product day in and day out.

We've used Apostrophe's core CMS features on our own sites for years, and it shows in the quality of that user experience. Now the blog is receiving the same attention and I'm genuinely excited to use it. This is going to be fun.