November 2nd, 2007

Through a Post, Quickly

Rick Banister
Let us take a deep breath, hold it, and dive into the last month.

John Benson joined us as a half-time employee, his other half spent professing to UArts students and producing interactive projects with EGwrk.

We consumed a few dozen cannoli (Termini being the prevailing producer, Polito's and Ianelli's closely trailing).

Earlier this week we received our new letterpressed business cards from Chad of One Heart Press in San Fransisco. Chad and Geoff were classmates in grad school and partners in Trolley Studio, a predecessor to P'unk Avenue.

Geoff fought an epic week-long battle with data storage and (ultimately) won. With the assistance of Chris Matta and SuperDuper his computer is going back to Apple today, his new one on the way.

Last night I discovered our upstairs tenent Collin's collection of classical music, next week will bring a wonderful mix of Rachmaninoff, Shostakovitch, and Schoenberg.

Today we practiced Kundalini yoga, which culminated in a ten minute crab walk around the studio and meditative air punching.

Annnnnnd exhale.

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