September 11th, 2006

The Window: some fabric?

Geoff DiMasi

One could make the argument that the Window began with a fabric purchase.

This material came from one of those stores on 4th Street in Philadelphia’s longstanding fabric row. It is a simple white “gauzy” weave that when hung over a window filters the light but does not block it completely.

My wife, Shannon, and I bought it to replace a very heavy and very dirty curtain that covered the window on E. Passyunk Ave in our new corner studio. We wanted more light. It instantly brightened the space, and an interesting side-effect was the ability to see what was happening outside very clearly in the day. The weave cut the glare, and in fact, the view of the outside was clearer than looking through a window.

It might have been a few days later before we realized… this effect was reversed in the evening and people could see inside very clearly and observe our bumbling-abouts.

This fabric got me thinking that I could project on it from the rear and see the image clearly from the street.

Our first show in the Window titled, “Unwatering” took place on Halloween night 2005. View some documentation here or read the press release.


Geoff DiMasi

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