business as usual
March 17th, 2020

The times are unusual, but it’s business as usual.

Kristen Angelucci
Executive Director of Story and Community

We know that right now, your website, brand or strategy might be the least of your concerns. You’re worried about keeping you, your family, and your team safe. We want you to be able to focus on them, so here at P’unk Ave, we’re holding down the fort and keeping our work going strong.

We know it’s easier said than done. Thankfully, we’re a digital agency - we are more prepared for this than most. It’s generally quite easy for us to do our work from our homes, and many of us already did so several days a week. But we know that for many businesses and industries, the coming weeks may prove much more complicated. If you’re a partner or prospective partner of ours and need to chat - or just need a pillow to scream into - we are here. And by here, we mean working from the comfort of our own homes. 

Out of respect for our staff and our community, our employees are not going into our office. They are working remotely until we feel the most significant threat has passed. We’re checking our voicemail, offsite, at least once per day, but the best way to reach us, as always, is by email. If you’ve got ongoing work with P’unk, you can continue to communicate with your team as usual, and should expect no significant impact on work or communications at this time. If you need technical support on an existing website created by P’unk, you can reach out at We’ll triage your request and then add it to the queue of support tickets. If all this time away from the world has really got your creative juices flowing and you’re ready to pounce on a new project, contact and we’ll set up a virtual meeting with our team to help you plan next steps toward your bold future.

We are still just as excited as ever about the work we are doing - in fact, we’re more committed than ever. We’ve been loving the intellectual challenge, stimulation, and distraction from the news. We’re hunkering down with some coffee and continuing to make great things. We anticipate communications and output moving at the speed you’re accustomed to, but like so many in this time, we ask for your patience. Whether we’re trying to juggle our children at home in the background or taking a few extra precautions to preserve our health (and sanity), we are proud to have such incredibly empathetic clients, and we will continue to show you the same compassion that you’ve shown us in our first week of working fully remote. Thanks in part to our precautions, our team is, as of now, all happy and healthy. But we understand that things can change. If our workforce is reduced significantly, our clients will be the first to know, and we navigate any necessary adjustments, together. Similarly, if your workforce is reduced and unable to keep up with the pace of a project, we are here to listen, strategize and find solutions. 

We’ve always said that P’unk Ave is human, and we hope that we can all emerge from our homes again soon feeling, somehow, even more connected to each other and our community. We think it’s possible. In the meantime, we’ll be washing our hands, getting curbside takeout from Vedge, and waiting a few weeks to hug the tireless staff at Riverwards. 

We’ll be in touch.

Kristen Angelucci
Executive Director of Story and Community

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