March 29th, 2013

The Empty Air: An Interactive Sound Walk

 The Empty Air is an interactive sound walk  of Rittenhouse Square. 

"What the heck is a sound walk?" It's easiest to describe this way:

Hit Apple's app store and install the app on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Head to Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square Park. Then launch the app, put on your earbuds, stuff your phone in your pocket and don't look at it again. Just walk and listen.

Conceived by composer Michael Kiley of The Mural and the Mint, The Empty Air is a uniquely immersive experience. As you stroll through the park, different tracks will accompany you, including ambient sounds from every part of the square as well as original music. Including the single "The Empty Air."

With software designed and implemented by P'unk Avenue, The Empty Air is intentionally crafted to direct your attention away from the screen and let the park guide your eyes and ears. Geolocation software allows the app to synchronize what you hear with where you go, bringing new surprises to every area of the park.

The official launch party is coming up on April 5th. See you there!

The Empty Air was built with support from the American Consumers Forum and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.