May 25th, 2007

The Proposal Show

the proposal show works on paper (managed expectations)

P'UNK AVE designer Richard S. Banister Jr and Catherine A. Kane are currently working on an art show about making art. Hopefully they'll be done by the opening on Saturday, June 2nd, but making art is sort of hard and pointless and expensive and sometimes boring to look at. Which is what the show is about anyway. So, if they can bring themselves to finish making some art about making some art, they'll be really happy to see you and your friends between 7pm and 11pm on the aforementioned date.

Here is the flyer that they made even before they made the art.

The Proposal Show 14 Drawings by Catherine A. Kane and Richard S. Baniter Jr The Padlock Gallery 1409 Ellsworth St (5 blocks from the studio) Opening: Saturday, June 2 2007 7 - 11PM