July 1st, 2011

Team Togetherness

Dana Vachon
Each Friday we take a couple hours out of our day to make lunch and share new things with each other. During the week we pass an email thread back and forth to decide what lunch creation we will take on. Someone steps up to be the head chef, and a few people pitch in to help with the prep work and anything else that needs to get done for us to enjoy a meal together as a company. The whole process of coming to a decision together and executing it together is one I enjoy very much. It's a chance to show off our creativity and team work in a way that's just for us. It's not for our clients or anyone else.

Recently we also started doing a quick show and tell session after lunch while we're all still digesting our food. Each week one person gets the floor to share something they've been working on, a new tip or trick, or something completely non work related. I love being part of  a group that focuses on sharing information and learning from each other. More than ever Fridays are my favorite.

Here are a couple photos from this week's lunch adventures: