February 26th, 2008

Team P'unk Avenue ++

The other day our good friend, Mike Fleming, did yoga with us and then set up some lights and took pictures of us in the studio. We have been meaning to post them here, but before we had a chance our team has grown again.

You can now find Tom Boutell hanging out with us during the week. Tom created the original WWW FAQ, which continues to be a frequently-consulted “how-to” resource for web developers. Tom was the originator of the gd library, as well as the PNG image file format. At RealNetworks (then Progressive Networks), Tom was instrumental in the creation of RealAudio 1.0, the first streaming audio solution for the web. He has recently written a number of Facebook applications and has expertise in social media programming.

The coolest part of this story is that Tom is someone we have been hanging out with for years at Benna's Cafe since he lives only a couple of blocks from the studio. We have been thinking about adding another developer to our team for a couple of weeks. When I ran into Tom last Wednesday at Benna's while hanging out with my kids, he mentioned he was looking for work. By Thursday night at 10pm, Tom agreed to join the team!

Chalk another one up for Jane Jacobs's belief in the value of spontaneous interactions in the city.
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