November 22nd, 2021

P'unk Ave Adds The Power of &

Well, hello.

We have been busy this year doing our best to achieve whatever “normal” now looks like. We’ve adapted to a post-COVID world by going remote and figuring out creative ways to deliver digital experiences to our clients—well, digitally.

But just like you, we’ve worked to be resilient in 2021 to withstand any future economic downturns and unforeseen circumstances.

We've made a promise to our partners and clients in Philadelphia and beyond to continue to serve them in the best way we can. Because of that promise, we are proud to announce the company's acquisition by Yes&—a marketing agency based in Alexandria, Virginia.

Yes& offers an incredible amount of resources and knowledge around brand strategy, customer experience, public relations, digital marketing, video, and events. P’unk Ave will give Yes& a stronger digital offering as well as a place in Philadelphia to call home. It is a difficult process to find a partner that cares deeply about the same things that you do. But we’ve found in Yes& a partner that can not only help us grow—but thrive.

Anthony Robinson (Partner), will stay on as President of P’unk Ave with the help of the leadership team of Jeb Brown (Chairman and COO), Josh Golden (SVP, Creative), Catie Borzillo, Rachel Emery, Chip Hitchens, and Justin Stroh. Geoff DiMasi (Founder), Alex Gilbert (Co-Founder), and Tom Boutell (Partner) will be around the corner running the P’unk Ave content management system spin-off, Apostrophe Technologies. Matt Goold (Partner), will be exploring new and exciting creative realms in and around Philadelphia.

P’unk Ave isn’t going anywhere. Our roots have run deep within the community of Philadelphia for over 15 years. P’unks and ex-P’unks continue to do incredible things in our industry and beyond—from working at places such as WordPress and Slack, to helping build their own communities and running their own businesses. That legacy is important to our team and our partners.

We understand the reasons that make us…us. Our human-focused approach made our little shop in South Philly a name in the industry. It’s important that we take this opportunity to double-down on that focus. For our team, we understand that continuing to build a multi-faceted, multi-cultural, and incredibly diverse team reflects the values we hold dear. Working with nonprofits, higher education, associations, and everything in between has given us purpose. We exist to empower organizations that give a shot to those who do not hold power.

Passyunk Avenue is one of the few diagonal streets that cuts through the grid of Philadelphia. That was always the point—to do the unexpected and to do things differently. We look forward to continuing down this path.

As we say at the end of all of our presentations and meetings now, “Forever Yours.” It’s not a good-bye or even a sign off—it’s just to let you know we are here for as long as you’ll have us.