March 15th, 2008

One Thing For Sale

Today I start my "one thing for sale" project.

The concept is simple. I will choose one thing to sell in our storefront window on E. Passyunk Avenue. I will type up a description of the object and post that in the window and on this blog. It remains for sale until someone buys it in person. I will post a picture of the person that buys it holding the object and I will ask them to update me on the objects future home (not required). Along with the thing, you get my typed description.

I see this as an opportunity to create connections between people through the sale of a good - a more human way of exchanging things.

It is a comment on how and why we buy things. It is a comment on patience. It is a way to encourage reuse. It is a defense of simplicity.

Equally important, it will help me find a good home for things that no longer serve my needs.

The first object for sale is my Rolodex from Rolling Stone (with some contacts still in there).

The post-it in the window reads:

For Sale: Rolodex $5.00 Gently used. Lifted from Rolling Stone office. Still contains some contact information.

Lovely device, but less useful to me due to advent of address books on computers. Playing with it reminded me of some of its advantages. Rich tactile experience. Easy to add business cards. Physical size forces you to edit regularly. Will still work in an energy crisis (when you need it most.)

Inquire within or

(That is the first time I used a typewriter to type a domain name.)

If you need a rolodex, please come by.
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