June 19th, 2015

Making Good Use of Our Print Studio

Matt Goold đź‘€
Chief Creative Officer, Partner

Earlier this year we had the opportunity to work with our friends Beth and Mike to help them rebrand their company on the precipice of their growth. Together, we helped them create their brand for Grateful Plate—a company with focus on healthy eating and living with offerings from meal delivery, to a personal chef, to holistic health coaching.

We’ve had a long relationship with Beth that started with P’unk Ave’s own pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Some years ago we found Beth’s card on a board at a local lunch spot advertising her services as a personal chef and she’s been cooking us lunch every Friday ever since. So when they came to us with hopes and dreams of a rebrand and need for a new website, we were of course excited to take on that challenge with them.

We led Beth and Mike through several discussions and exercises to help us focus on what their new brand should represent, which funneled into several design iterations, which eventually culminated into what Grateful Plate is today. It was such a gratifying process to go through with people who you completely believe in and support.

gp header
grateful plate mocks

All the while, our very own screen printing studio was coming to life in our basement. Years in the making, we were finally at the point of being able to use our studio as a legitimate service to others. The timing could not have been more perfect that when Beth mentioned she was planning on wearing an apron to Be Well Philly—their first major public event as Grateful Plate—we were able to say “I have an idea for that!"

Beth dropped off four gorgeous aprons from Anthropologie and we were tasked with coming up with a way to tie them into the brand system. It was important to us to create something that could be integrated into their lives and the way they do their work. It felt really special that we could put this mark on something so functional that could in turn leave a mark on the people they interact with. We took some photos, did some mock ups, and made some recommendations and we were on our way to printing. Joanna—our studio manager, a print maker herself, and the master behind getting the print studio up and running—beautifully executed the printing and we were able to give back to them four aprons even more gorgeous than when we received them.

gp screen
slack for ios upload

As rewarding and special as it was to see the entire brand come together, this personal and tactile touch at the tail end felt like a perfect cap to the project. It won’t always be quite the perfect fit to be able to screen print something for a client and make good use of our studio, but knowing that we have these assets and the means to do something unique has our gears turning.

Beth Be Well Philly
Matt Goold đź‘€
Chief Creative Officer, Partner