April 9th, 2009

IDES 322: Mapping

Alex Gilbert

From the Google Lat Long Blog: As the news began to spread of the Red River's record-setting crest level, the first order of the day was to help get the word out to as many as possible. This was especially true in Fargo, North Dakota's most populous city, with 92,000 residents living in the vicinity of the Red River. View can view that as a larger map if you want. Go ahead and add Google Maps to your list of game changing technologies. Civic, artistic, environmental, social. Location based platforms open up a whole new world to what you can do on the web.

Thankfully, these platforms are relatively easy to use, and becoming familiar with them is like adding a bazooka to your already powerful arsenal of tools. The maps and mashups you create with them become tips of a massive, contextual, data iceberg. Naturally, we want you to become familiar with these tools. You will be working to create a map that can be used as part of the Farm Philly project.

Today, Rick will also be working with you to continue the customization of the Farm Philly site. The design and templates should be up to snuff by next week.

  • With the Google Lat Long Blog as a starting point, go find a mapping project that really inspires you. Write a short post about it on your personal blog.
  • Use Google Maps to create a map that demonstrates a part of the food production and distribution system. Show us how something is broken and inefficient or demonstrate a sustainable system. Consider how you use lines and icons to visualize your data. Embed your map on your personal blog. In class next week we will choose a map or a group of maps to be featured on the Farm Philly site.
  • Continue to post in your sections on the Farm Philly site. You should have documented all of your groups' progress to date by the next class.
Alex Gilbert

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