March 26th, 2009

IDES 322: Forming & Storming

Alex Gilbert

Today we will be reviewing and critiquing videos from last week's assignment. Looking forward to seeing some good stuff.

With this class we are going to move towards the end of the semester, setting the groundwork for your final project. Now that you have established some familiarity with these tools and techniques, we want you to begin to think strategically about how they could be used together for a specific project. You will ultimately be coming together to form groups around the Urban Farming project you are already working on together. Your task will be to document and promote, to get feedback and build community, to gather interest around this larger project. Think about which tools will be best for the job, and how they can be used together most effectively. Think about where it makes sense to create new accounts/identities/profiles specifically for your project.

When it comes to the topic of identity, you should be considering about how your individual identities can come together harmoniously to create a group culture and group identity. Your project should have a personality of its own. We will assist you in creating a custom blog template to provide a unique visual design for your publishing platform.

Each student will have an account to publish their individual contributions. Categories will divide the blog into the six subtopics of your Urban Farming project (grey water, hydroponics, green building blocks, shipping containers, community graphics, and the food cart). You will operate closely with your subtopic group to create and publish content. We will refine the details and deliverables as we go. Week 8 WATCH:
  • We will watch the Hillman Curtis Pentagram video above in class.
  • Modernista's web presence. They are a creative firm leveraging ubiquitous internet tools without a central website. Consider this as you upload photos to Flickr, videos to your video accounts, etc.
  • Break into your six groups and begin thinking about documentation of your projects. Create Flickr groups, determine a set of tags, think about the design of the project site as a class. We can begin the design together. Next week we can help you set up a hosted Wordpress with a custom domain.
Alex Gilbert

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