Twitter Bootstrap
September 17th, 2013

How do you use Bootstrap?

By now, just about everyone knows about Twitter Bootstrap, a simple framework for styling websites in an attractive and consistent way.

But everyone uses it differently. Some shops use it in production, theming it to various degrees to suit their project. Others might keep the markup, but completely replace the styles with a new set developed from scratch on each project. And still others find the markup too restrictive.

Here at P'unk Avenue, we mostly use Bootstrap only in the prototyping stages. But with Bootstrap 3.0 out, it's a good time to learn how others use Bootstrap.

How do you use Bootstrap in your projects? Do you find it practical to theme it, or do you tend to throw out the styles? Does the markup work for your purposes or do you wind up chucking that too? Do you use Bootstrap's JavaScript API for transitions and modals? Have you moved to 3.0 yet? Do you prefer another framework or no framework at all?