July 23rd, 2008

Free Beer!

This month's Junto is on Free Beer.

We will be drinking multiple beers that were brewed for the event by Chris Matta and Howard Ross and we will be talking about that process.

However, the free beer movement is about more than beer. It is really about Open Source using free beer as a metaphor or a manifestation of the process. Playing with the "free as in free speech, not as in free beer".

We have 3 panelists to discuss beer, speech, and open source.

Howard Ross is a web developer and co-founder of Grainstar Brewery, a local homebrewing operation that was started two years ago in South Philly.

Rob Hall is an Adobe Community Expert specializing in the Flash Platform, and is manager of the Philadelphia Flash Platform Adobe User Group.

Tom Boutell is a developer here at P’unk Avenue. His open source projects include the GD Library and the PNG Image Format. He has a background in software development and long experience with the web. Tom created the original WWW FAQ, which continues to be a frequently-consulted “how-to” resource for web developers. At RealNetworks (then Progressive Networks), Tom was instrumental in the creation of RealAudio 1.0, the first streaming audio solution for the web.

Moderators will be Kelani Nichole and Alex Gilbert.

Come drink the beer brewed for the event. We will provide tomato pie.

Please bring something to share, if it is not too much trouble.
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