February 25th, 2012

Faster PHP Without Tears

Two years ago I wrote an article about speeding up PHP by configuring your server properly with APC, FastCGI and so on. It still represents a solid set of practices for those who use Apostrophe, or any other PHP web application built on Symfony and other modern frameworks. But people find it daunting to follow, because most Linux distributions don't follow that approach by default.

So today I wrapped up an installation script that does the hard work for you. Run it on any Ubuntu server to build the latest release of PHP with the bells and whistles Apostrophe needs and reconfigure your webserver for much better performance.

If you're still running a default install with mod_php, or worse, you haven't enabled the APC bytecode cache, you're likely to see major improvements.

So give OptimumPHP a try. And share your feedback with us!

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