September 6th, 2007

Consumerism is a Humanism

Rick Banister

Geoff: I think I want an iphone.
Alex: as long as your get them for us.
Rick: whatever dude.

(three days later)

Geoff: I went to the AT&T store after dropping Lila at school. They didn't even have iphones out, the guy was all like, 'uh, someone tried to steal one'. Lame.
Rick: whatever dude.
Alex: you're nuts.

(two hours later)

Steve Jobs: iPhones now $399
Geoff: let's go to the Apple store in Marlton.
Alex: alright.
Rick: whatever dude.

(two hours later)

Rick: Ihavetopeesobadarewealmostthereohmygod.
Geoff: relax, that's the shopping center.
Apple Employee: how may I help you gentlemen.
Chorus: we would like five iphones please.
Apple Employee: certainly.

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August 28th, 2007
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