December 8th, 2011

Apostrophe People Plugin!

Tom Boutell
Chief Software Architect

 We're pleased to announce a nifty new(-ish) plugin for the Apostrophe open source developer community.

The Apostrophe People Plugin lets you organize and display people on Apostrophe pages. You can filter, sort, and search for people and add people to ordinary webpages via the people slot. There is a robust administrative area for managing people in the system. Thanks to Symfony's excellent support for project-level overrides, you can add additional fields and relate other tables to people by extending the schema in your project. That's always the case but it's especially relevant for this plugin, since every project has slightly different needs when it comes to presenting directories of people.

You can add People Pages to your sites, just as you can already add Blog Pages and Media Pages. And you can restrict the content displayed by category. In other words, it's nicely consistent with the rest of Apostrophe.

A few sharp-eyed developers may have spotted apostrophePeoplePlugin already. We've used it in several projects but never fully cleaned it up for release. Today we stole a few hours to write up a nice installation guide and walkthrough, make sure everything was shipshape for reuse in a typical project, add it to our sandbox project and give it a proper sendoff.

So: please welcome the People button to the Apostrophe admin bar!

Click here for the juicy details.

Tom Boutell
Chief Software Architect

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