December 1st, 2011

Apostrophe Gets the Etsy Mini Slot

Dana Vachon

Using the Etsy Mini slot you can now feature items from your Etsy shop right on your Apostrophe website!

The Esty Mini slot is for Etsy sellers and Etsy lovers alike. Sellers can feature their most popular items, while Etsy lovers can point to their favorite Etsy finds. The Etsy Mini slot is available to use in the main body of your pages or in the sidebar. Check out this video to see the slot in action!

For the next three months the Etsy Mini slot is available on our free plan while we work to make a super awesome Etsy integration using the Etsy API. Etsy sellers: We would love to hear what your website needs are. How would you like your store to integrate with your unique website? We want as much feedback as possible about the Etsy Mini slot and how to make the full Etsy integration great. Try it free and tell us.

 Please tell us at

* Note: Etsy has a bug in their embed code if you're embeding your favorites. If you're embedding from your Etsy shop it works fine. You'll notice if you put in 1 column 2 rows it shows up as 2 columns 1 row. You can just flip the numbers in the embed code and it will work, or set the numbers backwards when you're creating the code. Etsy knows about this problem and is fixing it. 

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