Arch St. Meeting House
July 27th, 2013

Announcing the Junto Retreat – Early Ticket Release!

Geoff DiMasi

We are excited to announce the pre-release of tickets for the Junto Retreat, an intentional gathering for business owners and leaders  to dialogue on what it means to be "not just for profit".

The Junto was originally formed by Ben Franklin and friends in 1727 “to exchange knowledge of business affairs” with the goal of mutual improvement. This diverse group of business leaders met on a regular basis to share knowledge that would improve themselves, their businesses, and their community.

Back in 2006, we were inspired to revive this tradition and it took the form of panel discussions on topics of civic interest (For instance: What Should A Modern LIbrary Be?). Not surprisingly, the conversations before the panel, the questions and comments during the panel, and the conversations that followed were very rich and an important part of the experience.

Wanting to expand the Junto to include more time for peer exchange and inspired by our own internal retreats, we invite you to set aside this time to reflect and generate dialogue on the topic of "common benefit" as it relates to successful business practices that also have a benefit to our community.

The Retreat will take place September 26th and 27th at the historic Arch Street Meeting House located a stone's throw from Ben Franklin's grave and a short walk from his house. We are hoping this location will be a perfect backdrop to share experience and reflect on our collective future.

We will be launching a new website soon that will include more details on speakers, schedule, and community meals, but wanted to do a pre-release of tickets for those of you who know you will benefit from this experience already. We believe this will be an experience that will transform the way you run your business going forward.

Expect to meet great people, eat well, and to get inspired. Please be ready to be generous, challenged, and vulnerable.

Join the Retreat!

Geoff DiMasi