October 11th, 2010

Should I work on Columbus Day?

Geoff DiMasi
On the occasion of the 1920 Columbus Day celebration, Joseph P. Bartilucci stated: "We Italians have contributed to the glory of the United States. Our Mayflower came long before the Pilgrims' Mayflower. We have done our part and shall continue to do so." By chance, Joseph P. Bartilucci is my great-grandfather. I take great pride in knowing that he along with others (including my other great-grandfather, John Queroli) paved the way for Italians to be accepted in American society or as Luconi stated in his book From paesani to white ethnics: the Italian experience in Philadelphia "to call for the legitimacy of their presence in U.S.society."

You can read the context of the quote in this screenshot from Luconi's book below

And, yet, I work today on Columbus Day. In fact, I work just a few blocks away from Broad Street where Joseph led the annual parade on horseback.

Why? Why not take the take off to show some pride in all of this?

Well, maybe. Maybe I should, but part of me is proud that I can not recall any injustice directed at me for being of Italian descent. In a sense, all of those bold words that were stated by my relatives and all of those parades up Broad Street worked.

There are currently two Italian-Americans battling it out for the governorship of New York and I am busy doing meaningful work in my studio.

I admit that I am proud of where I came from. I am taking this moment to thank my relatives for their dedication and leadership. In fact, typing that last sentence gave me the chills.

Now, back to work.
Geoff DiMasi

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