Engineering Director

Wally Zielinski

wally zielinski headshot
  • Side Hustle

    Fortune Telling

  • "Sport" Of Choice

    Dance Dance Revolution

  • Proudest Gaming Achievement

    Platinum trophy in Dark Souls 1

Wally grew up in Long Island but has been living in the Philadelphia area for the past decade. After spending his formative years messing around in Photoshop and designing custom MySpace and LiveJournal layouts, he earned a degree in Web Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. He’s taken on various different roles during his career, but has always kept at least one foot grounded solely in the Front End.

Accessibility was an interest for Wally long before he realized. Examples of Assistive Technology were visible in many everyday moments, like his grandfather’s wheelchair which required him to have a specially outfitted van with a mechanical ramp or his classmates’ cochlear implant, which required that conversations with him had to be done with speaking slowly and maintaining eye contact. As he’s grown his career, Wally was asked to ensure the digital experiences he was making were also usable, regardless of ability level. Now a certified Web Accessibility Specialist, Wally finds fulfillment in advocating for and working with communities that are more directly impacted by issues of access. 

Away from the office, you can find Wally enjoying cocktails, practicing yoga, or playing board games with friends.