Project Manager

Vruti Patel

  • Food

    Spicy > Savory > Sweet

  • Please don’t make me:

    Play Catan

Originally from north Jersey, Vruti quickly fell in love with the City of Brotherly Love during her time at Drexel University. She started her career off in Philly, but decided to head back to NJ to explore what NYC had to offer. After 5 years of managing clients from almost any industry you can think of, she’s finally back in Philly doing what she’s good at, but for those who she’s most passionate about — socially responsible organizations. What’s most important to her is creativity, compassion, and connection, and she strives to bring that to every project she manages.

When Vruti’s not at her 9-5, you can find her project managing her family members’ lives, spending time outdoors, in her feels over animal stories and documentaries, and eating good food + drinking good wine.