Chief Software Architect

Tom Boutell

He made PNG files happen. He likes making things happen.

tom boutell profile
  • Joined P'unk Ave

    February 25th, 2008

  • Hobbies

    Blues dancing

  • Listening To

    Hang On Little Tomato

Tom Boutell is P'unk Avenue's senior developer and software architect.

He has primary responsibility for development of the ApostropheCMS, mentoring the development team and supporting the entire range of past projects at P’unk Avenue. Mentoring less experienced developers is the best part of his job.

His long background in software development and long experience with the web brings a unique perspective to the team. Tom is best known for originating the PNG image format used by all websites today.

In the open source world, he is known as the author of the GD Library, a dynamic graphics code library used by websites that manipulate images. More recently he has been actively involved in creating new node.js npm modules like sanitize-html and uploadfs. In his role as ops and support lead, Tom developed the stagecoach deployment system for node applications.