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Stuart Romanek

What the hell do I know about cooking a shirt?

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  • Dinner time record

    Ray Charles Live at Shrine Civic Auditorium, 1964

  • Micro obsession (soon to be sick of)


  • Preferred Brand of Seltz


Stuart is just happy to be here.

Designing and building experiences for the web wasn't a dream, more a loose collection of hobbies and curiosities that found themselves a home working with higher education, arts & culture, and non-profit organizations.

Working with organizations often comes down to aspirations: “People should know this, should feel this, people should be able to accomplish this.” This becomes the basis of our collaboration; it helps find the sweet spot between the directly authentic and the emotionally resonant. That space, a blend of strategy, visual design, and technology, is what Stuart wants to make felt. 

Internally he also puts these efforts towards the ever evolving ApostropheCMS and our experimental Print Studio. Away from work Stuart is YouTubing tutorials for construction projects on his South Phila row home or YouTubing tutorials on spatchcocking a chicken or YouTubing tutorials on tying a tie (wedding season only).

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