Senior Developer

Sergio Cabral

sergio cabral headshot
  • Born

    Santo Domingo, D.R.

  • Currently Living

    Philadelphia, PA

  • Pronouns


  • Favorite Reads

    Code Complete by Steve McConnell, One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Sergio, who is a Senior Developer at P’unk, loves automation and creating technological solutions for real world problems. With a Telematic Engineering degree and a Master’s Degree in  Project Management, Sergio found in coding an outlet for his creativity and curiosity. More than 10 years later, he still enjoys software as much as when he wrote his first “Hello World!”.

Sergio has a toddler, so he has no free time, but if he did, he would probably spend it reading, listening to his favorite podcasts, and hugging his wife and daughter (not necessarily in that order), things he doesn’t do as much as he would like to.

Sergio currently holds the international title of Luckiest Bastard Ever, and he’s proud of it.