User Experience Strategist

Nadia Pacheco Amaro

Creating better experiences for users. you.

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  • Favorite Cuisines

    Mexican, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Mediterranean (is that everything?)

  • Ranks...

    Every taco she encounters

Nadia was born in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico, but grew up moving between the United States and Mexico multiple times. Growing up bicultural and trilingual, she developed a unique perspective of the world. She learned everyone has something to share, and it's important to non-judgmentally listen and empathize. This empathy extends into her work where she is passionate about improving people's lives through UX design and research. Nadia is excited that she shares these passions and values with P’unk Ave and can't wait to continue to grow as she works to impact the Philadelphia community.

When she's not thinking about UX, you can find Nadia trying new foods, exploring urban landscapes, playing tennis (or any other sport), laughing with friends, or snuggling with her wife and two adorable cats.