Creative Director

Kristen Sachs

There’s a story in here somewhere.

kristen sachs headshot
  • Currently eating

    Chocolate croissants

  • Usually wearing

    A bold lip

How you communicate is everything. 

Kristen comes to P’unk Avenue with ten years of experience working with companies, organizations, higher education institutions and start-ups to figure out who they are and what they should be saying. To her, branding is a way to help people—and their products—author a story, create an experience that leaves an impression, or teach the world something.

A copywriter by trade and a design-lover at heart, Kristen draws on her time spent in agencies both large and small to craft an approach best suited to solving the problem at hand. She finds inspiration in pop culture, long-held human truths, and well-researched insights. You can find her at home in South Philly with her plants, family, and good food.