Executive Director of Story and Community

Kristen Angelucci

Storytelling, Strategy and ideally, Snacks

Kristen Angelucci
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Kristen comes to the team ready to tell and shape client stories and the story of P'unk at large.

Always an English major at heart, Kristen began her career by writing a bestselling book, The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared under her middle names, Alice Ozma. She traveled the country doing speaking events and media appearances, from The Today Show to CBS Sunday Morning. Then she lived out her childhood dreams as an employee of Scholastic Book Fairs, working as Manager of Sales Media and Reading Programs, to create collateral, strategy and kick-ass teams. 

She brought her talents closer to home, first as the Director of Marketing and Development at Philadelphia READS and then in the same role at Girard College. She is still deeply invested in the local non-profit and education communities (and she'll gladly show you too many cute photos of her former students).

She spends a lot of time thinking about what makes people happy - clients, community members and P'unks alike - and makes a killer unsweetened iced tea.