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Ilyssa Kyu

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    September 24, 2012

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    Campfire Stories being released in August 2018!

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    on Mount Desert Island

Ilyssa is excited about uncovering unconventional, creative ways of helping you in and out of the woods.

With a background in industrial and human-centered design, Ilyssa helps organizations and individuals further their impact in the world by finding clarity and opportunity in the chaos.

Previous to her work at P'unk Ave, Ilyssa received a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design at the University of the Arts, and went on to work as a designer at the Mayor's Office of Sustainability for the City of Philadelphia, a design and communications fellow for GoodCompany Ventures, and user experience designer at andCulture. 

When not leading strategy projects, workshops or retreats for our clients, you will likely find her rummaging through antique stores, rambling through the woods with her pooch Tuuli, picking up pinecones, or collaborating with her husband Dave on their book Campfire Stories and 'The Pursuit of Happiness' artist residency at Independence National Historical Park (INHP).