Senior Designer

Dayan D'Aniello

Designing Day In & Day Out

dayan daniello
  • Always listening to

    Andrew Bird

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  • Favorite font

    Never ask him this

Dayan has a wide array of interests throughout the umbrella of Design, but his heart lies in developing simple and timeless brand identities. A firm believer that a brand is much more than “just a logo," Dayan works to imbue organizations of all shapes and sizes with personality, fun, and a sense humanity.

Dayan brings to P’unk his keen eye, undying optimism, and most importantly, his not-so-secret library of 20,000+ fonts (and counting!). When not staring intensely at a screen, he is likely eating and/or making pizza, climbing something, and looking down at all the wonderful manhole covers this city has to offer. But not at the same time—that would be ridiculous.