Engineering Director

Chip Hitchens

chip hitchens
  • Claims to enjoy the serenity of sailing; is secretly always racing other sailboats

  • Built a guitar effect pedal themed after his favorite piece of Philly graffiti

  • Still developing a personal catch phrase

Technology has nearly unlimited capacity for good. Sure, it can also be totally bonkers, but Chip has actually seen it work correctly.

Chip has been around civic-minded tech for a long time. He's been messing around with computers since memes were in ASCII, but started off professionally in project management, organizing the development of custom web-based geospatial software for primarily nonprofit, academic, and government clients. He worked up to managing teams of software engineers, designers, analysts, and project/product managers in various leadership roles over more than a decade. It is extremely satisfying to him to help groups of talented people collaborate, grow, and pull off amazing things, especially when it's in the service of making the world an incrementally better place.