Camille Pitts

  • Pronouns:


  • Currently listening to

    Podcasts about philosophy and comedy

  • Usually eating:

    Charcuterie and anything grilled

  • Currently working on:

    Creating the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe

Camille Pitts is a Producer at P'unk Ave. After graduating from Seton Hall University with a B.A. in Broadcasting and Visual Media, Camille spent several years working as a Project Manager in various industries ranging from television to finance and marketing. In her spare time, Camille developed a passion for volunteering with a variety of non-profits in the Philadelphia area and is excited to bring that enthusiasm for helping mission-based organizations to P'unk Avenue.  

When she's not managing projects, Camille enjoys baking, kickboxing, jogging, exploring local farmers' markets and playing with her pit bull Ludo.