Junior Designer

Alissa Outwater

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    All Things Must Pass by George Harrison

Alissa owes it all to Neopets.

A child of the web, she grew up tinkering with HTML and GIMP for her virtual pets’ pages way before learning about web design as a career path. Later on in her early teens she sold her soul to Adobe after falling in love with the storytelling and problem-solving opportunities that come with working as a designer. She graduated summa cum laude from Moore College of Art & Design with a BFA in Graphic Design, but not before she had the pleasure of spending a year as P’unk Ave’s first design intern.

As a junior designer, Alissa assists P’unk Ave’s design and support teams across a variety of projects in various states of completion. Her role gives her ample opportunities to appease her ever-growing hunger to solve challenging problems and tell people’s stories through good design.

Outside of the studio, Alissa enjoys trying new plant-based recipes, reading classic sci-fi and fantasy (Ray Bradbury is her favorite author), and using her basement as a linocut print studio.