Alissa Outwater

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  • Favorite album

    All Things Must Pass by George Harrison

Alissa has always been drawn to visual storytelling, from growing up wanting to be a comic book artist and then book designer, to falling in love with the unlimited possibilities of web development and design through customizing MySpace and Neopets pages. They followed this last passion to Moore College of Art & Design where they studied Graphic Design and graduated summa cum laude, but not before spending a year interning at P’unk Ave. Since then, Alissa’s realized their favorite part of working at P’unk Ave is the breadth of work and clients they get to work with, as well as P’unk’s impact on and involvement with the Philadelphia community.

When they’re not designing, Alissa is most likely watching a new sci-fi series with their cat Bowie, trying to tap back into their wannabe artist roots, or magically making meals out of random vegan pantry staples.