p'unk team photo april 2018

P'unk Ave is human.

Proudly located in South Philadelphia, we’re living our P’unk values in a city that loves us back.

Geoff DiMasi
Principal & Strategy Director
Alex Gilbert
Partner & Technology Director
Tom Boutell
Chief Software Architect
Stuart Romanek
Senior Designer & Developer
Ilyssa Kyu
Senior Researcher & Strategist
Matt Goold 👀
Design Director
Austin Starin
Development Lead
Greg Dunn
Brian Gantick
Carly Karas
User Experience & Research
Diane Campese
Studio Manager
Alex Bea
Bob Clewell
Senior Developer
Matthew Mance
Joanna Hecht
Sales Coordinator
Sarah Romig
Victoria Adams
Lead Designer
Darren White
Nora Granahan

We're hiring.

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Philly Makers - Punk Avenue


Our space is unique.

Our studio represents our diverse backgrounds as industrial designers, printmakers, and coffee enthusiasts. Our goal is to have a space that invites us to our work and removes the distractions that often attend working together. 

sarah and victoria in 1168
alex bea and matt mance in 1166
P'unks Working
Laptop On Couch
Work Hard And Be Nice To People
The Cloud Couch
P'unk Shelves
P'unk Plant
P'unk Roof Deck
p'unk hanging the flag