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Apostrophe 1.4.2 released

by Thomas Boutell

We've released version 1.4.2 of Apostrophe. This is a maintenance release primarily made up of stability and security fixes. We strongly recommend upgrading if you are using any 1.x version of Apostrophe. Even for those keeping up…

There Is No Philadelphia Blog Tax... Just A Philadelphia Everything Tax

by Thomas Boutell

Philly does not have a special tax on bloggers. All the outrage about this is silly and overblown. So why am I still ticked off at the city? Because Philly has a tax code that punishes new…

Apostrophe Updates

by Thomas Boutell

Apostrophe has received quite a few fixes and improvements over the past few months. We've made upgraded releases of our open source software available. To learn more, visit the Apostrophe developer site. Read on for a changelog…

Star Wars Uncut, Uncut

by Thomas Boutell

Star Wars Uncut is finished! And next Wednesday, August 11th at 6pm we'll be screening the entire crowdsourced, fan-remade movie on the projector in our office. I've downloaded the whole darn thing and assembled the most…

Security hole in Mobile Safari PDF support a bigger story than jailbreakme

by Thomas Boutell

The buzz today is that a new site, jailbreakme, will jailbreak your iPhone without the need to install any software on your host computer. What's bizarre about this is that everyone thinks it is cool and no…

Symfony Almost Live

by Thomas Boutell

You'll want to watch fullscreen for readability. Which web development framework is the best? I can tell you this: Symfony gets the job done fast. Last week Alex and I took part in a panel discussion…

Google's new "App Inventor" is a game-changer

by Thomas Boutell

There are now 10,000 Android developers, as opposed to 40,000 for the iPhone. And Google is gearing up to release App Inventor, a tool for nontechnical Android app developers that is strikingly similar to the Scratch…

Symfony 2 hub-bub

by Thomas Boutell

Symfony is the best framework for building web applications in PHP. The forthcoming Symfony 2 is a dramatic improvement and a complete rewrite with many new features and, even more importantly, better software architecture. Enthusiasts may have…
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Introducing Apostrophe's Blog Plugin

by Thomas Boutell

Apostrophe, our content management system, now sports a nifty new blog plugin. And you can see it in action on GPTMC's Philly360. Wondering where the blog is? In the context of a larger website, a blog doesn't…
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Junto: Creating an Age-friendly Environment

by Geoff DiMasi

Junto: Creating an Age-friendly Environment Please join us Thursday, June 10th at 6:00 P.M. for The Aging Junto. This month we will be discussing issues we face as a society as a significant portion of our…

No Symfony users group meeting this week

by Thomas Boutell

We're looking at doing a meeting the following week or possibly next month. Fact is, we're busy! Speaking of Symfony and being busy, if this announcement disappoints you— if you're eager to hobnob with other Symfony developers—…
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We're hiring a new developer

by Alex Gilbert

Things are moving pretty fast lately on our corner of E. Passyunk and Federal. Apostrophe is rolling along at a full clip and we have all sorts of other exciting projects we're in the midst of.…

Faster, Windows PHP! Kill! Kill!

by Thomas Boutell

IN WHICH our hero is narrowly saved by vague memories of a really dull presentation by some guys in suits. You may recall my recent post on speeding up PHP on Linux without changing your PHP code.…

Open Source Help Desk

by Thomas Boutell

TOM: "Open source help desk, this is Tom speaking. How may we help each other?" CALLER: "I chose your open source project for my client project and it's due tomorrow and it doesn't work! This is your…

Happy Birthday to Us!

by Thomas Boutell

P'unk Avenue is five years old today! In honor of this momentous occasion, we've reshuffled our roles. Effective immediately, I (Tom Boutell) am the lead designer. As my first official act, I've changed our default font…
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Mix Tape

by Geoff DiMasi

We will be expanding soon to create a project room for P'unk Ave (war room, for you violent types). The expansion space is in the row home next door to the studio (in fact, it was…
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Philly Symfony Users Group: ASSEMBLE!

by Thomas Boutell

Sure, geeks have grabbed Philly by the balls, but that doesn't mean we can't sharpen our... skills... where am I going with this? Oh yeah: the Philly Symfony Users Group. We use the Symfony framework for PHP…
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Apostrophe Speaks Your Language

by Thomas Boutell

We've just released version 1.0.9 of Apostrophe, our content management system. This is an exciting release because it includes French, German and Spanish user interfaces, as well as improved support for translating the actual content of your…

Apostrophe has a Point of View

by Geoff DiMasi

The Apostrophe Google Group has become pretty active lately. It has been so great to connect up with people around the world that are using Apostrophe to make sites for themselves or their clients. It feels…
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Apostrophe: the bipartisan CMS

by John Benson

Ok, so it's Friday and we're all psyched for the weekend: ok ok, it's Monday but you can't let that stop the dance party!