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Alex Gilbert

As a co-founder of P'unk Ave, Alex (a proud South Philadelphian) has both overseen and contributed to the development of our biggest projects.


Mon, Jan 21 2013

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P'unk Avenue is a digital agency that creates websites and mobile applications for purpose-driven organizations. It is our goal to work on projects that empower people, improve quality of life, support the creation of knowledge, and strengthen our cities.

We are a small company with a large impact, and our focus on excellent customer service and collaboration with our clients has led to new opportunities. We are expanding our team to handle an influx of new projects, all while continuously experimenting with our team structure and evolving our design and development practices. We need people who thrive in this kind of dynamic and intense environment. If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, read on.

The Job

At P’unk Avenue we tackle big, challenging development projects on a regular basis. We need the kind of pragmatic problem solver that enjoys working within constraints. Someone who stays on top of new tools and techniques and treats the work as a craft. Someone with a strong attention to detail that can be seen in each commit message, method declaration, and client communication.
  • Participation in the open source community is a central part of our mission. Your experience collaborating and contributing through tools like GitHub will be put to heavy use.
  • Your team members (and the community at large) will be counting on you to write beautiful, well documented code, and to hold us to the same high standards. You should be familiar with the practices and tools that make this an integrated part of the development process.
  • We are always trying to improve the ways we automate tasks that cause boredom and error. You will be a key part in contributing to this effort through continuous integration, test driven development, and other best practices.
  • You will meet directly with clients to better understand their needs and translate them into elegant, efficient technology solutions.
  • Self-management and project ownership are critical. We are proud of our low administrative overhead, and we will ask you to participate and help us to continually improve in this area.
  • You will need to know your way around a variety of bug tracking systems and project management tools. We’ve been doing this for a while, but we are still expecting you to teach us something about how to organize a software development process.
  • Our teams are primarily built around full-stack developers. Your skills across a wide spectrum of front- to back-end technologies will be put to use.
  • We are expecting you to be fluent with Node.js and comfortable with most (if not all) of our broader technology stack:
    • Express, Symfony
    • Node.js, PHP
    • Mongoose, Doctrine
    • MySQL, MongoDB, Redis
    • Backbone, jQuery

Working at P’unk Avenue

We work hard to keep P’unk Avenue an amazing place to come into work every day. Here are some of the things you’ll enjoy here.
  • A team of passionate, excited, creative people
  • A great office space in a walkable neighborhood
  • Regularly scheduled group meals and events
  • Flexible vacation and personal time
  • MacBooks
  • Espresso
  • Draft beer
  • Competitive salary and benefits
If you think you’d be a good fit, get in touch with us at .
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