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Mon, Sep 24 2012

    • Ilyssa

We are very excited to announce that Ilyssa Kyu has joined Team P'unk Ave. Ilyssa brings a great perspective to the team and will be focussing on making our projects even better! 

And without further ado, role the bio:

Ilyssa Kyu is joining P'unk Ave as an experience designer & strategist. She is a problem-solver, storyteller and believes in knowing a little bit about a lot of things.

After graduating from the University of the Arts with a degree in industrial design, she continued working with the Mayor's Office of Sustainability at the City of Philadelphia after an internship, where she served as a designer and project manager. She also served as a design & communications fellow for the 2011 Good Company Ventures summer incubator for social entrepreneurs, assisting start-ups such as ElectNext and Philly Side Arts with technical and visual development. 

Ilyssa then went on to work for the design studio & consultancy andCulture as an experience designer + strategist. At andCulture, her work ensured that the visual design and technical content development aligned with user needs, while meeting clients business goals. Her role involved the organization and execution of deliverables associated with client, business and user research. 

She continues to work with organizations like the Mayor's Office of Sustainability, EnergyWorks, Core77, Green Limbs, CultureWorks, and South Philly Green Drinks in her free time.  Ilyssa also often works with Sarah Low, environmental scientist and Field Station Coordinator at the US Forest Station in Philadelphia, on projects that explore our emotional connections to nature—how memories, commitments, joy, apathy and hatred develop towards it—in order to protect and promote a healthy urban environment. 

When she is not working in her free time, she enjoys going on road trips with her fiance Dave & dog Tuuli, hanging with their cats Samson & Pencil, and digging through antique & thrift shops.

    • Ilyssa
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