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Philly Symfony Users Group: ASSEMBLE!

Thomas Boutell

Tom invented PNG files. He currently creates beautiful open source web tools here at P'unk Ave.


Thu, Mar 25 2010

Sure, geeks have grabbed Philly by the balls, but that doesn't mean we can't sharpen our... skills... where am I going with this?

Oh yeah: the Philly Symfony Users Group. We use the Symfony framework for PHP development all day long. It's been the basis for every single client project we've done since... hell, before I came aboard two years ago. It's the foundation on which Apostrophe is based. We cannot imagine suffering through web application development without it (or at least something on a similar plane of object-oriented, thoroughly modern, Model-View-Controller awesome, like Zend Framework).

But we haven't met a lot of other Philly-based Symfony developers. And this is where you come in. We'd like to spread the word and help aspiring local Symfony developers get their boots on the ground. And if other experienced Symfony developers are out there reading this, we'd really, really like to get to know you better.

Announcing the Philly Symfony Users Group! Every second Thursday of the month at 6:30pm, you are cordially invited to our office at 1168 East Passyunk Avenue. We'll start off with informal discussion (and beer), then someone will present on an aspect of Symfony development.

WHERE: 1168 E. Passyunk Ave WHEN: 6:30pm, Thursday April 8th WHAT: Symfony Users Group PRESENTATION: "Getting Started with Symfony," Tom Boutell

At this first meeting I'll talk about the process of installing Symfony, PHP and Apache on your own computer, focusing primarily on what it's like to build a simple Symfony 1.4 web application.

You don't have to be an experienced Symfony developer to attend! We welcome all PHP developers and those who aspire to become PHP coders.
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