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Our fearless leader, Geoff started P'unk Ave after teaching for years at UArts. A founder of Indy Hall and curator of Ignite Philly, his optimism is infectious and effective. 


Wed, Mar 11 2009

This Friday, Tom and I will be heading to Austin, Texas for SXSW Interactive. As hard as it is to pull myself away from my family, this conference is time well spent. We have started to use it as a milestone for our work at P'unk Avenue and in the Philadelphia tech/geek scene. As in... imagine how many cool things we will do by the time SXSW rolls around next year.

Well, this year has rolled around and I am happy to report that many very cool things have happened. I am also happy to report that Tom and I are heading down with clear missions. Mine is to do a good job on the Regional Whuffie Building: Attracting Innovation to Your City panel. I am looking forward to talking about how Philadelphia is a kick ass place to be right now.

More importantly, though, Tom is looking to bring home the OK Happy Cog'aoke trophy. Some of you may not realize that Tom's karaoke roots go deep. He has tracked the Philly Karaoke scene for a long time. This will not be an easy task since he will up against competitors from around the world. However, Alex Hillman and Jonathan Finnegan also from Philadelphia could serve to be some of his toughest competition.

If you are going to be there... drop us a line so we can hang out.

And, wish us luck!
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