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Always Be Human: The Story of P’unk Culture

by Geoff DiMasi

With our 10 year anniversary in our sights on April 1, 2015, we have started down the path to capturing the story of how culture at P’unk Ave has emerged with a particular focus on the…
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(In)secure websites: all about https (and what can go wrong)

by Thomas Boutell

Every so often here at P'unk Avenue, we hold a Developer Breakfast. This means bagels, and avocados, and code. This week I gave a talk on https, aka "Transport Layer Security," formerly known as SSL: the…
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An Artist's View of a Life's Work

by Geoff DiMasi

Yesterday, my friend and cofounder of Indy Hall wrote a post on art in coworking spaces. It was great, but missing one important detail in my opinion, so I wrote him today: [7:11am] Geoff How is…
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One Month in California: A Sabbatical

by Ilyssa Kyu

Just over a month ago, I returned home after taking a one-month sabbatical in a small California town called Mariposa. At P’unk Ave, we see sabbatical’s as intentional time set aside to take a break from…
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What I Learned In My First Year At P'unk Ave

by Matt Goold

Today marks my one year anniversary of working for P’unk Ave and it’s led me do a bit of reflective thinking. I am happy to say that professionally this year represents my greatest output of work,…
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Welcome Sam & Jimmy!

by Geoff DiMasi

We are excited to welcome two new team members to P'unk Ave: Samantha Combs and Jimmy Harrison. They both started yesterday so it seemed like a good idea to have them print their own P'unk t-shirt.…
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Doing Good Work

by Rachel Messeck

As an agency that focuses our work in the areas of health and wellness, education, arts and culture, and urbanism, we often work with clients who serve at-risk communities. We pride ourselves on doing good work…
    • Without a Whiteboard

Without a Whiteboard

by Olivia Haas

The design universe is filled with creative tools that orbit every step of the process. The whiteboard is widely recognized as an indispensable one in ideation. The shiny white surface promises the potential for endless thought…
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Sharing Financials: How and Why

by Alex Gilbert

P’unk Avenue is a cash flow business. Money comes in as we complete projects for our clients, and goes out in the form of payroll, health insurance, rent, supplies, and services. We are able to keep…
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Finding The Right Way To Enjoy Something You Thought You Hated

by Ben Rosenbach

About six months ago I found myself with the opportunity to shift some of my development time away from one of our biggest and longest-standing projects and towards some more traditional client development. It was an…
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From Good to Great

by Sloan Miller

What does it take to move the needle from good to great? Sometimes after an extraordinary amount of work, sweat, and even tears, a great product or solution still eludes you. You feel that no matter…
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League of P'unks

by Priya Tirtha

In the midst of all the great things we do around P’unk Ave to maintain togetherness and camaraderie on our team: The P’unk Retreat Khronyships Breakfasts on Monday mornings Friday afternoon lunches Laser Tag Outings Plenty…
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Improvising With Code

by Kyle Stetz

As a creative person hanging out at the intersection of a bunch of things- design, programming, music- I'm always seeking new ways to mash them up. I've had a long relationship with music and try every…
    • Ed Tettemer at the Junto Retreat

What is the Junto Retreat?

by Geoff DiMasi

"The Junto made it clear that it's very possible to run a business that's for good, and for profit." — Kristin Thomson "What is the Junto Retreat? I've answered so many times in conversation, but never…
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Show, Don't Tell

by Joel Smith

So the seer spoke as untroubled he held his all-bronze shield. No symbol was fixed to his shield's circle. For he does not wish to appear the bravest, but to be the bravest, as he harvests…
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What are YOU looking at?

by Thomas Boutell

No, seriously. What web browser are you looking at? We build websites. And like everyone who builds websites, we like to design and build sites for shiny new toys. Modern computers. Modern smartphones. Products with illuminated…
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Experience is the great teacher

by Aaron Block

You can learn a lot from books. But there’s one thing (at least) that books can’t replace: Experience. This summer, I was an intern at P’unk Ave. I had the opportunity to learn a lot about…
    • Indian Beach, OR

In My Short Life So Far

by Ilyssa Kyu

Recently I attended a conference in Portland, OR called the World Domination Summit. Yes, it was as awesome as it sounds. While I anticipated a generally great and inspiring experience, I could never have imagined the…
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The Future of Apostrophe

by Kyle Stetz

Three months ago I wrote about the changes we were going through in the Apostrophe project and how excitement played a central part in that. I'm happy to report that excitement is at its peak this…
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What P'unks care about

by Thomas Boutell

What do P'unks care about? Joel Smith cares about the worldwide JavaScript developer community. Kyle Stetz cares about building enthusiasm for open source. And Olivia Haas has learned how to climb the open source mountain while…