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    • EF Workshop

Getting Out of the Way

by Sloan Miller

How often have you wished that the project team that you work on or with could make more thoughtful and conscientious project-level decisions? What would it be like to have a completely independent, well-informed project team,…
    • stephen powers post

With Purpose

by Priya Tirtha

Ever take a leap of faith? Recently moving across the country from San Francisco to Philadelphia was definitely one for me. Not in the sense that I didn’t think that Philly would be an amazing city,…
    • kman

Prototyping funny

by Stuart Romanek

Run the term 'prototype' through Medium's search field and be overwhelmed with the number of opinions, methodologies, & frameworks for design and web development that come back to you. A hot topic for sure with a…
    • a2 in blue

Excitement is the currency of open source software

by Kyle Stetz

The Apostrophe project has been around in some capacity since the early days of P’unk Ave. It’s an open source content management system that we use to build almost all of our client projects. Version 2–…
    • bridge

P'unk Ave Goes to San Francisco

by Joel Smith

The development team at P'unk Avenue has solidly committed itself to a darling little language called JavaScript. Fluency in JS has become a mark of success for developers here, on both sides of the browser. So…
    • jsconf

Liveblogging rejectjs from @javascriptfest

by Thomas Boutell

Matthew Ernisse (@mde): Model ORM Model ORM is an Object-Relational Mapper for database storage of objects in node apps. An ORM allows you to more easily deal with data stored in a relational database the way…
    • jsconf

Liveblogging WebRTCCamp from @javascriptfest in San Francisco

by Thomas Boutell

I'm liveblogging WebRTCCamp from jsfest in San Francisco. We're hanging out in the offices of Joyent, a key provider of support to the entire nodejs project. I'll keep updating this post; just hit refresh. Welcome: Adam…
    • gotofail

What Apple's "goto fail" teaches us as developers at P'unk Avenue

by Thomas Boutell

You have probably heard that there is a massive security hole in Mac OS X thanks to a nasty mistake in Apple's implementation of SSL (secure sockets layer, the thing that powers online shopping). If you're…
    • fixit versus superman

Faster, Mongo!

by Thomas Boutell

Apostrophe 2, our content management system, is built on the MongoDB database. Although MySQL was our standby for many years, we really do feel that MongoDB is Superman to MySQL's Fix-It Felix. But there are times…
    • ajax

How to sprinkle magic fairy dust in your AJAX

by Thomas Boutell

This code is terrible! Do it and you'll wonder why users of different browsers get different results. For some, clicking any button element does exactly what you want it to. For others, nothing happens. That's because…
    • bit montage

The iPhone 5s is 64 bit! Does that mean it's eight bucks?

by Thomas Boutell

iOS 7 has arrived. And it's 64 bit! Great! But... what the heck does that mean? That's a fun question, because people have been throwing around claims about "8 bit," "16 bit," "32 bit" and more…
    • Twitter Bootstrap

How do you use Bootstrap?

by Thomas Boutell

By now, just about everyone knows about Twitter Bootstrap, a simple framework for styling websites in an attractive and consistent way. But everyone uses it differently. Some shops use it in production, theming it to various…
    • clndr logo

Calendars & Re-, Re-Inventing the Wheel

by Kyle Stetz

In the mad shuffle to push front-end browser technology beyond the limits of sanity, we forgot about calendars. The calendar grid is a common design element, sometimes relegated to a "widget" in a sidebar and other…
    • Arch St. Meeting House

Announcing the Junto Retreat – Early Ticket Release!

by Geoff DiMasi

We are excited to announce the pre-release of tickets for the Junto Retreat, an intentional gathering for business owners and leaders to dialogue on what it means to be "not just for profit". The Junto was…
    • cardar iphone

Dude, where's my car?

by Geoff DiMasi

If you live in a city and share a car with your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/lover/friend, you probably have a "dude, where is our car" moment every once in awhile (or maybe every day... no judgement). Don't despair! We…
    • selective

Making time to polish and publish the pieces: new jQuery plugins from Apostrophe 2

by Thomas Boutell

We've been working hard on Apostrophe 2, our new content management system. In fact, it's already running in production on the Delaware River Waterfront website. (Yes, we'll share a proper case study of that project with…
    • jsconf

@jsconf liveblog: Brendan Eich, The Web As Native Code Platform

by Thomas Boutell

@jsconf liveblog: Brendan Eich, The Web As Native Code Platform (Click refresh, I'm typing up a storm here) Brendan Eich is the inventor of JavaScript. Now working on extremely high performance JavaScript, specifically asm.js as a…
    • jsconf

@jsconf liveblog: Domenic Denicola, Boom: Promises/A+ Was Born

by Thomas Boutell

I'm liveblogging Domenic Denicola's talk, "Boom: Promises/A+ Was Born," from @jsconf. Click refresh, I'm typing up a storm! First a quick aside from Tom:: just wanted to explain what promises are trying to do a little…
    • jsconf

@jsconf liveblog: Narciso Jaramillo, "space-age-miracle-tools.js"

by Thomas Boutell

I'm liveblogging Narciso Jaramillo's talk, "space-age-miracle-tools.js," at @jsconf. I'll be updating as the talk goes on, so just click refresh. OK, here comes NJ, aka @notwebsafe! NJ works at Adobe. His pride and joy is Brackets,…
    • jsconf

@jsconf liveblog: Erich Gamma, massive.js or from 5% to 100% TypeScript

by Thomas Boutell

Erich Gamma is one of the original "gang of four" authors of "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software," an extremely influential work. He now works at Microsoft. Figured out he had to speak at @jsconf…